I’m a self-taught artist based in New York City who has been making collage art for roughly thirty years. In the mid- to late nineties my work appeared in a number of group shows at Adam Baumgold Fine Art in Manhattan, culminating in a solo exhibition in 1998.

Grace Glueck, writing in The New York Times, said: “[Mr. La Scala’s] collages, in which snippets of images from everywhere—even a piece of painting by Edward Hopper—are tumultuously juxtaposed. Max Ernst and others got there a long time ago, of course, but Mr. La Scala imposes his own will on this well-worn technique.”

For this site, I’ve chosen to display only a selection of new work that was created over the past few years, focusing on abstractions and portraits. Follow me on Instagram, and if you have price inquiries or any questions contact me at vincent@vincentlascala.com.

Copyright © 2022 Vincent La Scala. All copyrights remain with the artist. The purchase of an original artwork does not allow the buyer to use such piece for any commercial or promotional purposes. To acquire licensing permits, send me an email.

Hand on neck, 5x7, 2020